Wild Animals Name

Wild Animals Name

Wild Animals Name | Many forests are found on Earth, in which many wild animals are found, some of which are important Wild Animals Name. There are very dangerous animals found in the wild, which are non-vegetarians, and the animals continue to hunt for another animal.

When a person has to go to the forest, he should go very carefully and should go with the weapon, so that the animal will be scared. Here some Wild Animals Name have been given which are most important and they live in the forest and they are very dangerous.

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1.Wild Elephant

Wild Animals Name

Wild Animals Name | The body of the wild elephant is very large and it is found in the flock in the wild. Elephant teeth are very strong and they are very expensive, they are used to make ornaments. In the Ancient time, king was keep the elephant and go for hunting in the forests. Nowadays elephants are used in circus and earn money from them.

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2.Wild Lion

Wild Lion

Wild Animals Name | The lions live in the forest and they are also called the King of the Wild. All these animals are scared and lions like to eat meat. The lion is also kept in the circus and zoo, the meat is also fed here. The body skin of the lion is sold in the market and it earns a lot of money, It is illegal, but people do it.

3.Wild Leopard

Wild Leopard

Wild Animals Name | Leopard is a very powerful animal living in forests.The leopard’s nails and teeth are very strong and they make a very long stride, they have long tail.Due to the deforestation of forests, their population has decreased considerably and now they are also hunting.Leopard likes to eat meat and they are slaughtered and sold to their skins in the market.

4.Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf

Wild Animals Name | Wild Wolf is also known as a cunning hunter and hunts many animals while living in the forest and He hunts also alone. Wild wolf’s healing power is very high and their lifespan ranges from 14 to 16 years. The wolf gives a variety of voices so that the other wolf can call and meet them and even hunt.

5.Wild Gorilla

Wild Gorilla

Wild Animals Name | Gorilla is a species of monkey and man that is found in the wild and kept in the zoo.Gorilla is considered the most cunning of the monkey species and their behavior is like human beings.People make a lot of money by keeping the gorilla in Zoo and they are black color.

6.Wild Giraffe

Wild Animals Name | Giraffe’s neck is very long and has bone in its neck and giraffe’s length is high.Giraffe has long legs, due to which it can fix long distances and it can drink too much water at the same time.Giraffe does not sleep much and lives in the jungle.

7.Wild Rhinoceros

Wild Rhinoceros

Wild Animals Name | Rhinoceros are a vegan animal and they eat grass, leaves etc. They are found in the jungle and kept in the zoo.Their skin is very strong and very thick, thick skin protects them from the sun’s rays.Rhinoceros have a Singh on top of the nose and it is not very strong.

8.Wild Deer

Wild Deer

Wild Animals of India | Deer lengths are long and they are light brown Deer age ranges from 15 to 19 years, but mostly it is killed by predators.Deer mostly likes to eat small plants and grass and in winter deer mostly eat branches.Deer can jump at 40 miles per hour and up to 10 feet. This water can also float very well and rapidly.

9.Wild Kangaroo

Wild Kangaroo

Kangaroo walks on two feet and these legs are big and tall.These are vegetarian animals and eat leaves, grass etc.Kangaroo is a national animal of Australia and it can easily swim in water.It can stay for very long without water.

10.Wild Bear

Wild Bear

The bear’s color is brown and it can look and hear like a human. Bear can swim easily and their body layer is thick and warm. Bear skin is also sold and its price is very high in the market. Some bears are black and they are also kept in the zoo.

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