Water Animals Name

Water Animals Name

Hello Friends, Today we will know About Water Animals Name. Many creatures are found on Earth that can live easily in water and their origin is to stay in water.

Water Animals Name, These creatures are found in the ocean, some of these creatures live in the depths of the sea and some are on the upper surface of the ocean.

Some of these creatures are such that can live on the ground and stay in the water. We will take full information of this and understand how the living creatures live.

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Water Animals Name | Dolphin lives in water and likes to live in the herd.Its memory keeps on long and Their lifetimes.Between 18 to 25 years intervals.Dolphin has a lot of hearing capacity and He can listen to people 12 times more.

It can swim faster than other animals and It can also stay out of water for some time. Dolphin does not chew food and it swallows food directly



Water Animals Name | Crocodile mostly remain in water and It can stay on the ground.When it is in water, it eats fish and eats animals on the ground.

Its body is thick and its teeth are very sharp and If it catches someone in their teeth, then it is difficult to get rid of.They hunt animals and their age can range from 55 to 62 years.



Water Animals Name | whale lives in the sea and It is very big.There are many species of whales in the sea and It’s big like them.It eats small fish in the sea.

Their body layer is quite thick and it is very strong.It is considered to be the largest organism of the world, and the weight of the big whale is equal to 35 elephants.


Water Animals Name | Tortoise is a living in water and it can also live on the ground.The upper part of its body is strong enough to protect its body.Their age is considered for 100 years.

They move very slowly and their hearing capacity is very high.Water is found in excessive amount of body.



Water Animals Name | Shark is a dangerous fish of ocean and it is non-vegetarian.They are very powerful and their lifespan is 24 to 28 years old.Shark is also called the most dangerous animal in the ocean and it hunt for small fish.

When he hunt then it does not sound completely.Shark never sleeps and its snoring power is high.Shark can attack on man easily.



Water Animals | There are lots of fish in the sea which are different types of fish.Some people also breed fish and it is very sweet.Sharks and dolphins are a type of fish found in the sea.

Man likes to eat fish and it is sold quite well in the market.Much vitamins are found in fish and the one who eats it becomes very fast.



Water Animals Name | Starfish is found in the ocean and The size of these Starfish is like star.It has five sides and it does not have brain.

They have thorns on their body and their arms are cut off, then they start automatically again.Starfish also found in the depth of sea and it Swim very slow in sea.



Hippopotamus is a very large and heavy animal.They are found in flocks in rivers and ponds and It has four legs and it is taller.

Its skin is thick and has a life span of 55 years.Hippopotamus weighs around 3.5 tons and sweat is also produced by their body.

9.Electric Eel

Water Animals Name | Electric Eel is an electric shock fish and there is a lot of current in the body.Electric Eel uses electric shock to kill its Hunt.
This is like a snake in appearance and it is found in the depths of the sea.It can range from 7.5 to 8.5 feet and These excesses are found in American rivers.



Water Animals Name | Many species of frogs are found and they can live in water.Some frogs are such that are quite tall and their sound is very fast.
Frog leg’s finger is big enough to make a long jump.Frog is not found in the ocean because the salt water is founded in sea and It is a carnivorous animal that eats small insects.

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