Animals And Their Sounds

Animals And Their Sounds

Animals And Their Sounds

Animals And Their Sounds | All the animals found in this world have their own distinct voice. Some Animals And Their Sounds are slow and some have different voices from each other.Some humans like the sound of animals but some humans scary from sounds.

The following are the names of some Animals And Their Sounds, which is important…

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Animals                                 Animals And Their Sounds
Cows Moo
Cats Meow
Dogs Woof
Horses Neigh
Birds Chirp
Mosquitoes Buzz
Frogs Ribbit
Lions Roar
Ducks And Geese Quack And Honk
Owls Hoot
Goats And Sheep Baa
Donkeys Hee-Haw
Pigs Oink
Chickens Cluck
Turkeys Gobble
Elephants Trumpet, Roar
Foxes Bark, Yelp
Monkeys Chatter, Gibber, Whoop, Screech
Nightingales Pipe, Sing, Warble
Hummingbirds Hum
Parrots Talk, Screech, Squawk
Peacocks Scream
Rabbits Squeak, Drum
Snakes Hiss
Tigers Growl, Roar

The sound of some animals is slow and sound of some animals is very loud.It depends on whether the animal is big or small.

The lion is known as the king of the forest and its sound is very loud and is the most dangerous in the forest.Some animals sound is very scary For example Snakes sound.Parrot’s voice is very sweet and Parrot can easily mimic the voice of people.

The voice of animals is also used in films and if you hear the voice of animals then you can go to the forest and hear their voice easily.

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