Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals are animals that humans can easily observe. There are many types of Domestic Animals, for example, dog, cat, goat, horse, camel, elephant etc.

Domestic Animals | Many people in the world keep animals of different kinds according to your interest.These animals also help a lot in the work of humans.Here are the names of some important animals.

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1.Domestic Rabbit

Domestic Animals
Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals | Rabbit is a very cute and small animal and it is also vegetarian.Rabbit length is about 45-50 cm and weighs 1.5-3 kg.His life span is 8-10 years and his 8 species are found.The rabbit ears are large, which are about 10 centimeters long.Most rabbits in the world are found in South America.

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2.Domestic Cow


Domestic Animals Cow

Domestic Animals | The cow is very important in the whole world.Cow Milk is very nutritious. It is considered to be a very useful diet for the sick and the children.

Many things are made from milk such as curd, cheese, butter and ghee etc.
Dung is made from fertilizers for crops.Even after death, the body of the cow comes in handy. Many types of goods are made from cow’s leather, horn.

3.Domestic Camel

Domestic Animals Camel

Domestic Animals | The camel is a pet and its body is very large and its neck is very long.
Camels eat grass, sugarcane and leaves etc. Its length ranges from nine to ten feet.

The biggest secret of the camel is that it can fill so much water in its stomach so that it can remain without water for a long time.

The feet of the camel are like cushion, so that its feet do not penetrate into the sand.Camel is used to move from one place to another in the desert.
So,It is called the ship of desert.

4.Water Buffalo

Domestic-Animals-Water Buffalo
Domestic Animals Water Buffalo

Domestic Animals and Their Wild Ancestors | Buffaloes are mostly in the village, it is domestic and wild, and there is thick skin on the whole body of buffalo, which helps in preserving it in the cold.

Breeding buffalo is a business that buys and sells milk from buffaloes.
The buffalo length is 7 feet and the height is 5 feet. It gives 4 to 8 kg milk at one go and its milk is very liked by the people.

5.Domestic Duck

Domestic Animals Duck

Duck is found in the place where there are ponds, lakes, rivers, etc.The reason for this is that ducks love water.Duck is a very beautiful bird which is found in different colors.

The wings of the duck are smooth so that they do not get wet even in water.The average age of ducks is 8-10 years and they are omnivorous.

It gives 260-320 eggs in a year, which is larger and heavier than a chicken egg. Duck’s children come out of the egg in 30 days.

6.Domestic Hen

Domestic Animals Hen

Hen is found in India and elsewhere which is slightly larger than other birds.They have two legs and they keep people in the village.Hen egg most people like to eat and there is enough protein in it.

7.Domestic Sheep

Domestic Animals Sheep

Sheep is a pet that man has been following for a long time.Sheep is a four-footed animal with an average age of about 8 years.

There is wool on the body of the sheep which keeps growing and the sheep are followed for it. Sheep’s hearing is high and it feels good to climb the hills. It is found in both hills and plains.

8.Domestic Parrot

Domestic Animals Parrot

Parrot is a small beautiful bird. Parrot’s color is green and its beak is reddish, which is curved. It can mimic the human voice.

Age of Parrot is up to 15-65 years and it is considered as the smartest bird.
They have a red beak that is very sharp and strong.It eats grains, fruits, leaves, seeds, mangoes etc.



The dog is a very sensible and faithful animal and it is a true friend of humans.Dogs eat meat and vegetables in food, so it is also called Omnivorous like humans.

The dog is so alert in sleep that it also raises with the small voice. Dogs can survive for 14 to 18 years. There are many types of dogs that some dogs are of big size while some dogs are small-sized, apart from this, dogs are also found in many colors. Some dogs have big hair on the body. Wild dogs are carnivorous and pet dogs are omnivorous because they eat roti, meat etc.



The goat is a pet and it is found everywhere.The goat is a vegan animal that eats grass-white and green leaves.Goat’s milk is very useful for young children.

Goat is traded in India and is sold in the market by getting milk from goat.Goat has a tail and it has two small horns.Their average age from about 13 to 16 years.